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Standing for all means coming together as a community – and in alliance with other communities – to take action for justice. We enact our values through direct service, advocacy, public action, and organizing. Always seeking to engage a wide spectrum of our membership, we mobilize for timely events and engage in long-term change-making activities.

We stand with women. We organize and lobby for reproductive justice, and accompany women harassed by anti-choice protesters in front of abortion clinics. We’re not just the place that introduced the first bat mitzvah in 1922, we’re also one of very few synagogues with all-women leaders, in our Rabbi, Cantor, and education director.

We stand for economic justice as a supporter of the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH), and a founder of the WSCAH Thousand Turkey Challenge, and we fight for affordable housing as members of Manhattan Together and the Interfaith Coalitions on Housing and Homelessness. 

We stand with immigrants and refugees, participating in immigrant- and refugee-led movements. We’re members of the New Sanctuary Coalition and our members accompany people to immigration hearings. We lobby, we support immigrant-led movements, rally.

We stand with people of all races and religions. We stand with Muslims under attack, taking part in upstander trainings and partnering regularly with the Muslim-Jewish Solidarity committee. We meet monthly with monthly with Grace Congregational Church in Harlem around our Sacred Conversations project, build relationships across difference, discovering our shared humanity and having important and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about race in America.

And we stand as a whole community. Many Saturdays, you might find that our sanctuary has guest speakers on environmental justice, hunger action, and farm worker’s rights. Children in Makom help distribute turkeys on Thanksgiving and welcome the immigrant into our Sukkah by hearing their stories. We raise money for women returning from incarceration. We compost and we have intergenerational, Greening Shabbats.

Stand with us and contact Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann for more information.

The Suitcase Project

SAJ is launching the Suitcase Project, in partnership with Witness to Mass Incarceration, to give formerly incarcerated individuals tools necessary for a successful reentry. Each suitcase costs $2,000 and will include:

  • A cell phone and minutes for one year

  • A laptop computer

  • Basic hygiene items

  • Gift Cards for clothing, shoes, and other basic wardrobe needs

All of these items are critical for finding employment and housing .

SAJ is seeking donations from our members and friends, of all amounts, to fill several suitcases. Please donate at Please join us in helping those who are formerly incarcerated have a new beginning.

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