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Ways to Give

Thank you for your interest in donating to one of the many funds that help support the synagogue and the SAJ community. Listed below are a few ways you can contribute:

Online Donatation

Donate via Check

You can also mail a check made out SAJ, with the preferred fund listed in the memo field, to:
15 West 86th Street
New York, NY  10024

SAJ Donation Funds

  • Synagogue Fund: For maintenance and upkeep of the historic synagogue building
  • The Doris and Myron Saranga Scholarship Fund: To aid those families unable to pay full tuition for our education program
  • Kiddush Fund: To augment non-sponsored Kiddush lunch
  • Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: To help people in need and support worthy causes
  • Cantor’s Discretionary Fund: For purchase of musical and educational material
  • Mitzvah/Bikkur Cholim Fund: To provide meals for the those who are observing Shiva and for those in need of convalescing
  • Morris Ludmerer Schnapps Fund: To provide schnapps for the kiddushim
  • Dr. Normal Talal Fresh Fruit Fund: To provide fresh fruit for the kiddushim
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