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Adult Learning

Talmud torah (torah study) is an integral part of the SAJ, an opportunity to learn not only facts and information but for self-discovery and spiritual growth. Adult Learning regularly takes many forms at SAJ, from an interactive torah study each and every Saturday in which we seek understanding and meaning from the week’s torah portion to the weekly tish to Pathways to Prayer to Parenting Conversations and Makom Shabbaton Parent and Family Group Learning. In addition to these regularly scheduled opportunities, we also offer classes, lectures, and workshops including the following:

Rabbi Lauren continues her popular series exploring complex and intriguing women characters in the torah and in Rabbinic Literature. In addition to looking at particular characters, we will explore how gender is constructed and explored in our most sacred texts.

6 times a year, check the calendar for details

How do we as progressive Jews, informed by tradition but not bound by halacha (Jewish law), establish a rooted and meaningful Shabbat practice? Can we find a way to not only celebrate Shabbat but also to guard it by refraining from certain types of practices? In this class, we will dig deep into the origins of the concept and practice of Shabbat and reconstruct it for today. These classes are intended to guide us as we begin a congregational process of discernment around Shabbat practice at SAJ which will lead us towards a values statement and communal practice guideline.

3 Part Series in the Fall – check the calendar for details

Please join us as we discuss scintillating fiction and memoir over wine, cheese, and fruit. All are welcome to attend one session or all. Our moderator, Nancy Ludmerer has published prize-winning fiction and memoir and has an M.A. in English literature. With Nancy’s talent and critical eye, the group always digs deep and gains an understanding and appreciation of the author’s work.

Monthly Sundays – check the calendar for details

SAJ seeks to keep the conversations about big Jewish ideas, started by our founder Mordecai Kaplan, going into the 21st century. Each year, we partner with the Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood to explore an issue in Reconstructionist Judaism in depth and to examine how thinking has or should evolve for the next generation. In 2018, we will explore Reconstructionism and Israel in memory of Rabbi Jack Cohen, who served the SAJ from 1954-1961.

Please check the calendar for details

Funded by the late Hugh Baron and his family, this annual lecture is an opportunity to explore new, cutting-edge Jewish scholarship.

Please check the calendar for details

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