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Judaism That

stands for all.


📢Attention: SAJ PHONE LINES ARE OUT OF SERVICE, due to a cable outage in the neighborhood. Until further notice, please contact us via e-mail of the person you want to reach, or at or call 212-724-7001.  If THAT line is busy, try calling again later.

SAJ is a joyous community of New Yorkers – a Jewish home where everyone’s voice is valued and heard. Ever since SAJ introduced America’s first bat mitzvah in 1922, it has been reconstructing Judaism, wrestling with God, questioning tradition and expanding its boundaries to ensure that Torah remains relevant, engaging, and welcoming to all.



Join SAJ for a festive and fun time on Purim.

Hebrew School

Hebrew School

Learn about educational programs for every member of the family.

Activism At SAJ

Activism at SAJ

See how SAJ comes together with all communities to take action for justice.

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