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SAJ 100 Years

From the SAJ 100 Years Co-Chairs: A Judaism That Stands For All

100 years – a centennial.  A once in a lifetime landmark.  2022 heralds the SAJ’s completion of one century’s cycle and the beginning of the next. We are privileged to stand at this moment, and feel ourselves as living links in a human chain, hand in hand with generations who have gone before, and those who will come after.  We celebrate the vision, courage and tireless of work of so many rabbis (beginning with Mordechai Kaplan), cantors, teachers, staff, choirs, committees, congregants and friends, who have built and nurtured the synagogue and our broad, welcoming, ever questioning and dedicated community.   We…

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SAJ 100 Years Kick-Off Weekend includes SAJ Centennial Shabbat, Singing Century

100 years ago, Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan founded the Society for the Advancement of Judaism (SAJ), the birthplace of the Reconstructionist movement.  As we mark our 100th anniversary, we celebrate the creativity, intellectual inquiry, and social activism forged in 1922, still the core of SAJ today.  We start our celebration at the end of January with the SAJ 100 Year Kickoff Weekend (January 28-30). We cannot wait to welcome SAJ current, past and future community members as we celebrate our past and step into our future! Given the rapidly changing Covid situation, we are assessing the appropriate in-person capacity for the Kickoff Weekend. If, as we hope, we will have both in-person and Zoom…

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