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Sacred Conversations (with Grace Church of Harlem)

After one year of an examination of racism in the United States through a Racial Justice Reading Group, facilitated by Rabbi Lauren, we reached out to Grace Congregational Church in Harlem (310 W. 139th Street) and began a special partnership.

Since the fall of 2017, SAJers have met monthly with members of Grace Church — facilitated by Rabbi Lauren and Reverend Nigel Pearce — with this call:

“We believe that we are called, as people of faith, towards truth, justice and love. In that spirit, we aim to create a safe and sacred space for courageous conversations about race and identity. To do so, we will listen, learn, teach, examine, reflect, honor our truths and experiences and strive to grow as individuals and as a community.”

Topics have included: The Radical Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., History & Present of Jewish-Black Relations, Beauty Standards & Racial/Ethnic Identity, and Music as Resistance in African-American & Jewish Traditions. We will also visit each other’s services as our spiritual leaders do a “sermon swap.”

  • Wednesdays at SAJ: November 6 & Potluck Meal, February 26, April 22 at 7pm
  • Sunday at Grace: December 15 at 11am
  • Saturday, February 1: Grace Visits SAJ and Reverend Pearce is our guest darshan (teachers/speaker) . 10am
  • Sunday, March 15: SAJ Visits Grace and Rabbi Lauren offers a sermon to their congregation during worship services. 11am

To join the list for Sacred Conversations, email

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