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Kavannah on Teshuvah, 2018/5779

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann There is a well-known and beloved story about Rabbi Zusya of Hanipol: As he was approaching his death, Zusya came to his followers with tears in his eyes. They asked him, “Zusya, what’s the matter? You…

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Introduction to Kol Nidre 2018/5779

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann September 18, 2018 It seems to me that never before has the world needed Yom Kippur so intensely. We have never needed such a reckoning: a day of uncovering what is covered up. A day where we —…

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Humility and Hutzpah: Rosh Hashanah on 9/11/2018

Rabbi Lauren Grabelle Herrmann The Psalmist says “Bless, Oh my soul, the One, and may all my inner strength facilitate my blessing God’s holy name” (Psalm 103:1, Morning Liturgy). How do we bless God with our whole selves today? Today is…

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