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Makom Shabbaton

Makom Shabbaton is a monthly program that brings students in 4th-7th grade and their parents together for family learning time (zman mishpocha) and friend learning time (zman chaver) in elective-based exploration.  We culminate our two hour time together with a Havdalah service, separating our holy Shabbat time as a community from the rest of the week.    

History of Makom Shabbaton:

Many years ago, SAJ’s religious school was two days a week for 4th-6th graders. After that, we moved to an outsourced elective based model for our second day of the week that met around the city. We found that sense of community among the students decreased during that time period. Seeking to both build community, and not overschedule families who travel from various parts of the city, we innovated the extended day of Makom to create Makom Shabbaton.  As we continue to polish this program, both online and when we return to being in person, we will be offering electives for family units to choose month to month. 

Makom Shabbaton Mishpacha time is generally structured around a three year spiral theme: Kehillah (community), Kadosh/Kiddusha (holy/holiness), Ruchaniyut (spirituality).

Educators are specialists in their respective modalities, and as family units, and then again just among students, there will be choices each month about which session to participate in.  

7th Graders will learn as a cohort Mishpacha group with Rabbi Lauren about the meaning of B*Mitzvah. 

Simultaneous to Makom Shabbaton are youth group activities for K-3rd grade students.  While originally this was most convenient for siblings of the Makom Shabbaton participants, we are especially opening up this option to all   K-3rd graders who can access an additional device while we are online.

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