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Have you heard about BBYO? We are Jewish leaders numbering tens of thousands strong in 700 chapters across more than 50 countries.  We’re smart and ambitious, athletic and fun, and we’re changing the world.  Individually, we’re leaders.  Together, we form a brotherhood and sisterhood, and a movement taking on big issues and making bigger moves.

As a chapter, we are a part of Manhattan Region, along with 6 other chapters in various places around the city.  At SAJ we are a newly founded chapter and are looking for teens who are interested in helping us grow!


What are the reasons you joined SAJ BBYO? 

“All the friendships I see being made” – Izy,  (N’siah / Board President)

“BBYO offers a chance to be a part of a international sisterhood & brotherhood, and that really interested me” – Sylvie, (Board)

“The leadership opportunities” – Francesca, (Board)

“I like BBYO because the events they hold are super fun” – Bella, (alum/college student).

“All the wonderful friends I knew I had the opportunity to make” – Eloise (member, from another synagogue).

“I saw how much fun my friends were having!” -Aiden, (member, from SAJ).


Feel free to check out a chapter program or two before becoming an official member of SAJ BBYO. To get the full BBYO experience, you’ll want to join. It is a one-time fee of $149 that covers all 4 years of high school and 8th grade!” 

Click this link to become a member of BBYO.


Contact Us For More Info

Manager of Regional Director, Amanda Marcus

Assistant Regional Director, Amy –


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