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High Holidays Online Sanctuary Service

Led by Rabbi Lauren and Cantor Lisa

High Holidays at SAJ are connective, deep, motivating, joyful. They leave us ready to face the challenges in our own lives and inspired to make a difference in the world. 

This year, SAJ will be holding “multi-access” services, with some online and some in person. As we are only reopening our physical sanctuary to 50% capacity, we cannot open in person spots to those who are not official members of the SAJ community. 

“Multi-access” means that those at home will have the same high quality experience of those in person. Services will be a Zoom room (not webinar) format, enabling participants to see and chat with each other, to join in congregational participation moments like the Collective Prayer for the Country or Celebration of Personal Milestones. And you will be able to sing and pray with the community, from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the city or around the country. And because of the blessing of technology, SAJ can open our services to many more than would ever fit into our physical sanctuary 

We will reclaim past traditions like services live with the Hiddur Band, continue beloved traditions like the Celebration of Community Milestones on Rosh HaShanah First Day, and embrace new traditions established in the pandemic like our Yizkor Remembrance video. 

After the year that has passed, we cannot wait to embrace a new year and new possibilities. Join us! Distance is no longer an impediment to being together on the High Holidays.


To join SAJ for the High Holidays, simply register at the link below and make a donation of any size. As High Holiday tickets and revenue from the Yom Kippur Appeal account for approximately 25% of annual income, which help cover operating costs for the entire year, we hope you will consider a generous donation. You will receive your Zoom service link the morning of each service. Joining our main sanctuary service also gives you access to all of SAJ’s other High Holiday offerings. 

High Holiday Schedule
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