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Passover Resources

Holiday Schedule

Saturday, March 27 – First Night Seder (personal)

Sunday, March 28, 10:00-11:30AM – Passover Service

Sunday, March 28, beginning at 5:15PM –  An Online Second Night Seder

Saturday, April 3, Begins at 10:00AM- Shabbat, 7th Day Passover Service and Yizkor

Online Second Night Seder

For the Wise, the Rebellious, The Curious, and the One Who Does Not Yet Understand:

An Online Second Night Seder with SAJ-Judaism that Stands for All

The wise, the rebellious, curious, and ones who do not know what questions to ask — are welcome at our online Second Night Seder. Through traditional liturgy, music, community participation, exploration and conversation, we will seek to, as our tradition invites, “see ourselves as if we went free from Egypt.” We will explore themes of narrow places, freedom, joy and justice as we move through the evening. All are welcome to join, though content will be geared for teens to adults.

A Passover Seder is an experiential, sensory, joyful experience. To that end, we would love to maximize participation. Let us know if you would like to be involved in any of the following ways. No guarantees based on our various planning needs and time constraints, but we hope to include you!


We will be using A Night of Questions Haggadah as a base and supplementing with slides of additional songs and readings. We encourage everyone to have A Night of Questions Haggadah either by downloading the PDF  or by ordering at the Reconstructionist Press.    Reconstructing Judaism, with the gracious permission of Rabbi Joy Levitt and Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, has made the PDF version of the Reconstructionist Haggadah, A Night of Questions, available in light of the pandemic. If you would like to make a gift in appreciation of this digital download, and help us continue to offer meaningful Reconstructionist resources to the broadest possible audience, please click here.

Your Seder Plate

Whether you are alone or with a lot of friends or family, we encourage you to make a seder plate and set your table festively. Check out this guide for inspiration. We encourage you to add to your seder plate.

Selling Hametz

This year, SAJ is offering the sale of Chametz through a colleague in South Jersey. Sell your chametz by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24 at 10 AM
We encourage a suggested donation of $18 (or another amount you are comfortable with) to WSCAH


All participants in SAJ’s online hosted meetings must be logged into a registered (free) Zoom account. You may have downloaded the app and participated in Zoom meetings, but did not actually register for an account.
Zoom website:


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